Find your way at Ångström Laboratory

The campus area is located in the beautiful surroundings of Polacksbacken about 3 km south of central Uppsala.

The Uppsala University map service,, helps you find the premises you are looking for throughout the University. You can search for any premises and see directions to it (even if you are not at the Ångström Laboratory).

Room number

The first position in the room number indicates the building number, the second indicates the floor and the last numbers are serial numbers. The basement floors are K1 and K2.

  • House 1 has four or five digits, 10xxx is a room in house 1 on floor 0 
  • House 2-5 has four digits, 21xx is a room in house 2 on floor 1 
  • House 6-9 has five digits, 73xxx is a room in house 7 on floor 3 
  • House 10 has six digits, 101xxx is a room in house 10 on floor 1 

Addresses for Ångström

Addresses may vary depending on which of the organisations at Ångström Laboratory you are looking for. Feel free to look up the organisation you are going to visit or send shipments to and find the address on its website.

Street address for Ångström Laboratory

Ångström Laboratory
Lägerhyddsvägen 1
752 37 Uppsala

Delivery address for Ångström Laboratory

Uppsala University: [Department/Unit]
Purchaser/recipient: [Name]
Regementsvägen 1
752 37 Uppsala

Billing address

Uppsala University
Box 148
751 04 Uppsala

Uppsala University has a general billing address for printed invoices from Swedish suppliers (suppliers who have a Swedish VAT registration number and who bill in SEK).

Only the invoice and any specifications/annexes are to be sent to the billing address. Order acknowledgement and any reminders is sent to the delivery address. You can find more information about billing addresses here.

Postal address for organisations at Ångström Laboratory

Uppsala University
Attention: N.N.
75X XX Uppsala

NN = Depending on the person
XXX = Depending on the department/unit

Map over Ångström Laboratory
Last modified: 2023-02-13