A new, creative and interdisciplinary environment with internationally distinguished researchers and educators in technology and the natural sciences.

New Ångström is an important investment in the future. With this project we solve our expansion needs, create a fantastic educational environment and integrate IT research under the same roof.” – Former Vice-Chancellor Eva Åkesson

When Ångström Laboratory was built 20 years ago, the idea was to bring together the operations of physics, chemistry and technology into one building. This marked the start of developing the strong research and education environment that Ångström Laboratory is today. But as operations continue to expand, a shortage of premises has become a reality. The neighbouring Department of Information Technology at ITC also needs premises better suited to research and teaching. The disciplinary research domain of technology and the natural sciences also envisioned creating a unique interdisciplinary environment with the goal of attracting internationally prominent researchers, engendering cross-sector collaborations with industry and society, and attracting additional distinguished individuals to an already attractive environment.

This has led to “New Ångström” – the largest construction project in Uppsala University’s history – involving the construction of two new buildings totalling 30,000 square metres (Building 9 and Building 10) and extensive relocations to optimise operations in Ångström Laboratory’s existing premises.

Design proposal for Building 10 (draft: Tema Arkitekter)
Design proposal for Building 10 (Draft: PE Teknik & Arkitektur)

As a first step the project will expand the existing Ångström Laboratory with another wing to the south (Building 9). A new entrance building in front of the current structure will be the next step. The Department of Information Technology will move from ITC to this building, number 10 at Ångström. The building will also contain a reception, café, meeting areas and a common atrium in the middle of the building. The physical environment will support whatever pedagogy is chosen in the future, both in terms of teaching premises and meeting places.

Modern educational premises, learning environments and student spaces

Above all, the new building is an investment in the educational environment of the future. Students, teachers and educational researchers have been involved in the planning process. Other important goals for New Ångström include stimulating interdisciplinary approaches and new meetings within the University, attracting internationally prominent researchers and creating cross-sector collaborations with industry and society.

“Since we live in an increasingly digitised world, bringing the University’s highly successful IT research closer to other Ångström research is absolutely the right way to go,” says Vice-rector of Science and Technology Johan Tysk. It will become a modern, creative, educational environment where students, teachers and researchers can transcend subject boundaries.”

According to the preliminary schedule, occupancy in the south wing (Building 9) is expected for autumn of 2020 and in the new building (Building 10) for spring of 2022.

The decision to carry out the New Ångström project was made in the autumn of 2017 after careful deliberation. Here is what has happened so far:

Schedule for New Ångström (stage 4)

Given the scope of the New Ångström project, time delays cannot be excluded. The following dates represent the earliest estimates; delays or revised order of deliveries can affect all dates, especially for occupancy.

Schedule for Building 9

  • Construction document stage through June 2018
  • Groundwork: May – November 2018
  • Framework: October 2018 – March 2019
  • Framework completion: March 2019 – March 2020
  • Tests and inspections: April – June 2020
  • UU expects to take over the building in July 2020
  • Moving in is planned for October 2020

Schedule for Building 10

  • Construction document stage through June 2019
  • Groundwork: September 2018 – September 2019
  • Framework: June 2019 – February 2020
  • Framework completion: March 2020 – August 2021
  • Tests and inspections: September – November 2021
  • UU expects to take over the building in December 2021
  • Moving in is planned for March 2022 

Explore New Ångström

The clip shows a 3D-model created by PE Teknik and Arkitektur AB.

Floor plans – See preliminary floor plans for the upcoming Buildings 9 and 10

Panoramic views from Building 10 (opens in a new window) – See panoramic sketches from inside Building 10

Webcams (opens in a new window) – Follow the construction via NCC Construction’s webcams

Photo: PE Teknik & Arkitektur
Last modified: 2023-01-31