Book a room

Classrooms, laboratories and seminar rooms are available for all staff to book. Booked premises that are not currently in use may be used by students for work in smaller groups until those who booked the room need it.

Employees can book meeting rooms via TimeEdit.
• List of bookable meeting rooms.
• Reference list of all bookable premises at Campus Ångström Laboratory.

Students can book rooms for group work at
Group rooms for students should be occupied and in use within 15 minutes of the booked time period. Empty rooms may be taken over by another group 15 minutes after the start of the booked period. Bookings begin every full hour.

Renting a Room

It is possible to rent lecture halls and classrooms for conferences and meetings if the premises are vacant, but teaching always comes first. Read more about renting rooms here.

Book staff bicycles

Campus Management provides bicycles for staff employed at at the Ångström Laboratory.

Bicycle no. 3 Standard bike. The key is marked Nr. 3
Bicycle no. 4 Standard bike. The key is marked Nr. 4

Bicycles are booked through TimeEdit via equipment booking. See bookings for the next 8 hours here.

Book poster screens

Campus Management provides two kinds of poster screens. Posters should be pinned onto the screens.

  • Three-piece paper screens that are 190 cm high x 79 cm wide per section
  • Poster screens with an aluminum frame with the dimensions 1005 x 1400 mm.

Poster screens are booked through the reception. Note that the poster screens must not leave the Ångström Laboratory. Uppsala University / Academy Conference has poster screens for rental outside the campus area.

Book video conference

At Ångström Laboratory there are a number of mobile video conferencing units. Two are located in the technology storeroom 10202 at Ångström Laboratory.

At Ångström Laboratory, there are two types of mobile video conferencing systems. One carriage consist of a screen, a microphone, and a camera, and is used independently from your computer to connect to a video conference call (the meeting is set up via the instructions below).

One carriage is equipped with an e-meeting system that provides a camera, speakers and a microphone, but which requires computer to connect to a meeting (using software such as Zoom).

Schedule for the video conferencing equipment at Ångström

To use the mobile video conferencing facilities at the Ångström Laboratory, both the video conferencing facility and the room need to be booked in TimeEdit.

NOTE: Videoconference meeting must be booked/registered via If the video conference meeting involves more than two parties, Campus Management will assist you in booking the meeting. Contact

The system should be returned to the room where it is stationed immediately after use and connected to the power outlet and the network outlet. Book the equipment for the complete timespan in which the equipment is removed from its storage.

Book other equipment

Campus Management provides various equipment that can be of help for larger events etc. Find information about audio amplifiers, earphones, mentometers (clickers), etc. on the bookable equipment page in TimeEdit.

All equipment booked via TimeEdit can be found by selecting Equipment booking in the menu. Book what you need from the time you pick up the equipment until it is expected to be returned to the repository.

In order to gain access to the repository via your access card, you must visit key- and cards management (next to the reception).

Last modified: 2023-01-16