The Ångström Laboratory Campus Management Board

An Uppsala University campus management area is governed by a Campus Management Board of Directors consisting of the heads of departments, directors and heads of units directly under the Vice-Chancellor or faculty board within the area. The Vice-Chancellor determines the precise composition of the Campus Management Board of Directors.

Composition of the Campus Management Board

Full Members

  • The head of the Department of Physics and Astronomy
  • The head of the Department of Information Technology
  • The head of the Department of Mathematics
  • The head of the Department of Electrical Engineering
  • The head of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering
  • The head of the Department of Civil and Industrial Engineering
  • The head of the Department of Chemistry – Ångström Laboratory
  • One representative from the Institute of Space Physics
  • The director of the International Science Programme (ISP)
  • The director of the Tandem Laboratory
  • One representative of Ångström Library (appointed by the Library Director)
  • One representative of the University Administration Units (appointed by the University Director)
  • Three student representative with a group alternate (appointed by the students in accordance with the provisions of the Student Union Ordinance 2009:769)

The director of the Campus Management area is the chair of the Campus Management Board.

Members with the right to attend meetings and express their views

  • One representative for the responsible committee (Faculty of Science and Technology)
  • One representative jointly for the staff organisations
  • Campus Manager (who can also put forth proposals)

Committees: decisions and minutes

The Campus Management Board has appointed a number of working committees with specified tasks. These committees have decided on rules at their meetings and for minutes of their activities.

Gas and Chemicals Committee
To facilitate the safe handling of chemicals and gases and to systematically work on chemical issues, there is a Gas and Chemicals Committee at the Ångström Laboratory. The tasks of the Gas and Chemicals Committee are to develop and follow up general and common procedures for handling gas and chemicals at Ångström Laboratory and also coordinate the inventory of gas and chemicals stored in the area.

  • The Committee can be contacted via Campus Management Chemicals Coordinator Esat Pehlivan

Art and Presentation Group
The Art and Presentation Group represents the organisations at the Ångström Laboratory and convenes when necessary. The group addresses questions about the organisations’ wishes to show and market themselves and their results, the setting up and exhibition of works of art and the need and design of information and exhibitions in the public spaces of the buildings. The group will continuously evaluate and, if necessary, submit proposals for revision of adopted procedures and prepare and submit matters to Campus Management or the Campus Management Board for decisions if the need should arise.

Food Council
The Food Council represents the organisations and can gather, evaluate and express opinions and wishes regarding the restaurants’ offerings and services in the Ångström Laboratory Campus Management area. The council includes the area’s restaurant managers, staff from the departments and the Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students (UTN) café manager. The food council is currently inactive.

Council for Educational Facilities
The Council for Educational Facilities (Rådet för utbildningslokaler, or RUL) works to create the best possible teaching and study environment at the Ångström Laboratory. The council provides Campus Management and the Campus Management Board with advice and suggestions regarding the use and equipment of the educational facilities and contributes to an environment that makes world-class teaching possible. The task includes taking into account how future teaching will be conducted and creating the scope for innovative educational development. In addition, the council takes the initiative in proposing improvements and provides advice on requests received from the organisations on Campus Ångström Laboratory. The council has made a big difference for the current teaching environment and has been very active in planning the New Ångström.

The council is composed of representatives from the faculty, all educational departments on Campus Ångström Laboratory, the Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students and Campus Management. It receives proposals from the administration, departments, employees, students and others.

Last modified: 2023-05-23