Contact Campus Management Ångström Laboratory

Campus Manager Johnny Nilsson
Deputy Campus Manager Jessica Stålberg
Director Mikael Jonsson
Deputy Director Tim Melander Bowden

Postal Address:

Uppsala universitet
Campus Management Ångström Laboratory
Attention: [Name]
Box 524                               
751 20 Uppsala

Goods & Deliveries:

Uppsala universitet
Purchaser/recipient: [Name]
Regementsvägen 1
752 37 Uppsala

The reception at Ångström Laboratory provides information and services for visitors, students and staff. Certain bookings of premises, etc. are also handled by the reception.

Staff: Malin Norrman och Alexander Kirsebom
Telephone: 018-471 31 03

Keys and Access Cards
The Keys and Access Cards service administers and handles access to premises at the Ångström Laboratory.

Staff: Technical coordinator Per-Åke Nyberg & Safety administrator Desirée Johansson
Telephone: 018-471 58 91

Janitor's Office
The Janitor’s Office is responsible for common functions such as handling mail and goods, furnishings, lighting, AV- equipment in common rooms, conference services and more.

Supervisor: Johnny Karlberg
Telephone: 018-471 58 92

Goods Reception
Incoming parcels are received and registered at Goods Reception. Goods can also be sent from here through PostNord in accordance with the government agreement for parcel forwarding services.

Telephone: 018-471 58 99

Last modified: 2023-03-15