Local rules at Ångström Laboratory

General smoking ban

The Vice-Chancellor has implemented a smoking ban outside of building entrances. The smoke-free area applies to 15 metres from each entrance. The smoking ban also applies to balconies in accordance with a decision by the Campus Management Board at a meeting on 6 September 2011 (110906:9-10).

The ban on smoking applies to all forms of smoking regardless of content (including e-cigarettes). According to the decision by the Campus Management Board (140212:19-10):

Smoking and e-cigarettes: The Campus Management Board decided that tÅngström Laboratory, supplementing the Vice-Chancellor’s decision “The Tobacco Act – about a smoke-free working environment (Ref. No. 4001/98)” and the decision regarding “No smoking next to entrances to university buildings (UFV 2009/2038)”, also needs to comply with the recommendation in the Swedish National Institute of Public Health’s “Response on electronic smoking devices (TILLS 2013/647)”. It states, among other things, that “because it is very difficult to determine if there is tobacco or not in a hookah or in an “imitation” e-cigarette (such as a vaporiser), until further notice areas that are by law smoke-free today are to remain free from smoke from all forms of smoking devices, whether or not an individual product contains tobacco”.

- Decision by the Vice-Chancellor regarding smoking bans (regler.uu.se)


Campus Ångström Laboratory adheres Uppsala Municipality’s “Bicycle friendly workplace” initiative. The Campus Management helps organisations in the area with simple repairs of in-service bicycles (150904: 25-10).

Furniture, offices and study places

All furnishings are considered “public” – that is, they belong to Campus Management. However, departments can purchase new furniture, and the furniture is not transferred to Campus Management until the day it becomes redundant. This means that stored furniture is at the disposal of Campus Management. Furniture that is part of the basic furnishings of the room may not be moved from the room where it has been placed (060322).

Basic furniture is left behind when vacating rooms (091211:3-9).

Lighting in the writing rooms: normally there is to be an electric fitting for each workplace. Campus Management is responsible for purchasing, and the cost is borne by the department (101214:6-7).

Campus Management provides the basic furnishings for all offices; see Annex 5 regarding what is included. Additional or more expensive furniture is paid for by the tenant (120206:11-8).

The department may bear the cost of new office furniture itself in conjunction with a lesser amount of furniture being needed because of consolidation of the department’s premises (130530:16-11).

Guest parking

As a rule Campus Management grants use of these spaces only to temporary visitors to some of the organisations at Ångström Laboratory affiliated with Uppsala University (120206:11-4).

Other guidelines

Common instruments (Ångström AU): Ångström Laboratory has some instruments purchased with “common” funds that are administered and maintained by individual departments. Users are charged for using these instruments at a differentiated rate. University departments pay based on internal rates and others based on external rates. Everything involved in this should be regulated in agreements between the department and the user in question (020116).

Systematic Fire Prevention (Systematiskt brandskyddsarbete, or SBA): Each department/unit is responsible for conducting fire inspections in its premises and adjacent corridors (120530: 12-11).

Students access to public spaces: The basic rule is that only students who are admitted to education at the undergraduate, advanced and doctoral levels, as well as employees and other persons who work at any of the departments have access to the university's premises. The right of admission applies to the extent necessary for studies/work. The right of access also applies to representatives of the university's student unions and staff organizations. Categories other than those mentioned do not have access to corridors, teaching halls and other spaces without special permission.

Ångström laboratory has local adaptations to the basic rule.

Sound level on information screens: The Art and Presentation Group decided not to allow sound from information screens in public premises at Campus Ångström Laboratory. Headphones next to the screen have been mentioned as a suitable alternative (160224).

Last modified: 2023-01-31