Welcome to Ångström Laboratory!

The student reception is a fantastic experience, with many new adventures and fun antics. You will meet many new and interesting people and make friends for life. But because the event is often experienced as one long party, it may be appropriate to clarify some of the most important and basic rules that apply at Uppsala University:

  • ACCESS: The university's premises are meant to be used by our students and staff and are not to be regarded as public in the sense that the public has access to them. The basic rule is that only students who are admitted to an undergraduate, advanced and postgraduate level as well as employees and other people working at our departments/units have access to the university's premises.
  • ALCOHOL & DRUGS: At Uppsala University, it is not allowed to drink alcohol or take drugs in connection with work or teaching. At parties and entertainment, non-alcoholic alternatives must be offered. The use of alcohol or other drugs in leisure time must also not affect safety, efficiency and well-being in the workplace. Any questions regarding the use of alcohol are most suitably answered by the head of department (work environment manager) at the department where the student is enrolled.
  • SMOKING: All forms of smoking are prohibited on the university's premises at Ångström Laboratory. The Board of Supervisors has decided that Campus Ångström Laboratory, in addition to the principal's decision, must also follow the recommendation in the National Institute of Public Health's Response to electronic smoke systems. It states that 'since it is very difficult to determine whether it is, for example, tobacco or not in a hookah or tobacco or not in an imitation "e-cigarette" (for example, a vaporizer) - for the time being, the areas that by law today are smoke-free - remain free from smoking from all forms of "smoke" - whether an individual product contains tobacco or not.'
  • ACCOMMODATION: Sleeping or staying overnight in Uppsala University's premises is completely forbidden.
  • OFFENSIVE TREATMENT: Uppsala University does not accept any form of offensive discrimination. Offensive discrimination refers to recurring reprehensible or negative actions that are directed at individual employees or students in an abusive manner and that can lead to them being excluded from the workplace or the educational community.
  • HARASSMENT & DISCRIMINATION: All employees and students at Uppsala University are responsible for maintaining a work environment free from all forms of discrimination, and every manager and supervisor at the university has an obligation to ensure that any cases of harassment or sexual harassment are investigated and remedied.
  1. By law, harassment refers to conduct that violates someone's dignity and that is related to one of the grounds for discrimination, gender, transgender identity or expression, ethnicity, religion or other belief, disability, sexual orientation or age.
  2. By sexual harassment, the law refers to conduct of a sexual nature that violates someone's dignity.

In addition to these basic rules, use common sense regarding littering and vandalism. Should any of this still occur, it will be acted upon. During special events, it is the responsibility of the organizer to arrange cleaning and restoration to restore any broken or vandalized equipment or furnishings in its original condition.

Every new student at Campus Ångström Laboratory is welcome, but please keep in mind that you are not alone at the university and on campus. A large number of people study and work here and we have many visitors from the rest of the university as well as from abroad, from other universities and from the industry. As a student here, you are a representative of Uppsala University and are expected to behave with dignity and correctness, both inside and outside the university's premises.

Kind regards, 
Johnny Nilsson
Campus Manager

Last modified: 2023-01-30