Alarms & surveillance at Ångström Laboratory

Uppsala University has hired a security contractor to ensure a safe and secure working environment for all students, personnel and the public that spend time on our premises. At Ångström Laboratory, Campus Management handles most contacts with the security company. For information regarding the current agreement with the security company, available security services and costs, contact the Security Division.

Alarms & passage control systems

Uppsala University has an integrated burglar alarm/passage control system provided by Bravida Security. All administration of access authorisation occurs in the Sesam permit card administration system.

► Contact the key & access card service for information on alarms and passage rights.

Camera surveillance

At Ångström Laboratory some public areas are under camera surveillance. Surveillance takes place only for perimeter protection and in certain public areas. Uppsala University’s camera surveillance aims to create more secure surroundings for employees and students and also to help prevent, investigate and expose crimes. Your registration through our surveillance cameras is necessary for Uppsala University to carry out work in the public interest.

► Read more about camera surveillance in the Employee Portal.

Last modified: 2023-02-13