Emergency contact information

  • In case of immediate hazard to your life, health or property, call 112.
  • In the event of a serious incident, or when in immediate need of a security officer, call the University emergency number: 018-471 25 00.
  • In case of a chemical spill, call the remediation company at 0771-10 35 00.
  • In need of information during major accidents and crises, call Sweden's national information number 113 13.

► Find more contact information in case of an emergency here.

Emergency malfunction at the Ångström Laboratory

Problems with permanent installations such as sewage, electricity, permanent furnishings, lifts, cooling, sanding, snow removal, heating, ventilation, water, WC, etc. are submitted as error reports directly on the Akademiska Hus website. Select the building where the problem has occurred. Arrange the columns by clicking on the respective heading.

  • The Akademiska Hus helpline is open around the clock at 018-68 32 04.

Official on Call

An Official on Call (Tjänsteperson i Beredskap, or TiB) is available during non-working hours (weekdays 16:30–08:00, Friday 16:30–Monday 08:00 and holidays) and has the following responsibilities:

  • Answer calls within 5 minutes.
  • Receive alarms or information about serious incidents.
  • Be on site at Uppsala University within an hour, if necessary.
  • Make an initial assessment of the scope of the event and its possible consequences.
  • Begin gathering information for the crisis management team (divisions for security, communication, staff and student matters).
  • Establish liaison with the parties involved in the incident such as police, rescue services, county councils and security companies.

An Official on Call can be reached on 018-471 1800.

► Guidelines for crisis management and crisis support at Uppsala University.

Last modified: 2023-02-14