Evacuation drills at Ångström Laboratory

Evacuation drills are held annually*, usually during the beginning of the fall semester when many are new to campus and then early come into contact with fire safety issues and have the opportunity to practice evacuation.

Campus Management usually announces these drills in advance. In this way the departments and units have an opportunity to adjust and prepare, so that everyone can participate in the drill doing the right thing.

Conducting evacuation drills regularly and having an evacuation plan that everyone knows is an important part of general fire protection at Uppsala university. When the alarm sounds, everyone in the building must know how to act and get out in the best way. With well-informed personnel and students, the time for evacuation and the risk of someone getting hurt in a sharp situation are reduced.

* Based on the 2003:788 and 2003:789 ordinances on protection against accidents and the “General recommendations and comments on systematic fire prevention” (SRVFS 2004: 3) issued by the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, the Vice-Chancellor at Uppsala University has decided on “Systematic fire protection work within Uppsala University” (UFV2004:618), which requires that evacuation drills be performed regularly.

Last modified: 2023-01-31