Handling gases & chemicals at Ångström Laboratory

About 17,000 different chemical products are handled at about 130 workplaces at Uppsala University. This involves both substances that have a negative effect on people and the environment and products that are essentially harmless. Departments and divisions at Ångström Laboratory handle many different types of gases and chemicals. Below are links to information on handling gas and chemicals at our campus.

Chemical safety officers

The Buildings Division has overall responsibility for rules and monitoring of chemicals use. There needs to be at least one chemical safety officer at each department or equivalent unit that handles chemical products. Also Campus Management areas that handle chemicals needs to have a chemical safety officer. The head of department/equivalent appoints chemical safety officers for each unit within his or her organisation.

The chemical safety officer needs to register chemicals possessed by the department/equivalent with the KLARA chemical handling system and ensure that guidelines, procedures, etc. regarding the handling of chemicals are followed. The chemical safety officer is the acting director for flammable goods, but the head of department/equivalent who is the regular director has the ultimate responsibility for handling flammable goods at the department.

Always contact your chemical safety officer when buying or introducing a new chemical at Ångström Laboratory. 

Gases and chemicals at Ångström Laboratory

Some materials regarding the handling of gases and chemicals on Ångström Laboratory is too sensitive to be made public. For that reason, this information is only accessible for employees authorised to access the Employee Portal. If you have trouble accessing the information, contact your immediate manager/administrator.

Last modified: 2023-02-23