Keys and Access Cards at Polacksbacken

Polacksbacken’s Keys and Access Cards service administers and handles matters related to access to the premises on the Campus Management area.

Opening Hours: Monday to thursday 07.00-15.45 and friday 07.00-14.45. (Lunch hours are advertised on site.) Holidays and vacations differ, see up to date plans and hours here.
Staff: Per-Åke Nyberg & Desirée Johansson
Telephone: 018 - 471 58 91

Responsibility & access

Each department/unit makes its own decisions on individual employees’ access to their own premises. The departments/units also specify the criteria for access to their own premises, such as if some doors are to be unlocked at certain times or if doors are to be locked and opened with campus cards. Or if locked doors are to require campus cards and a personal identification number.

Access to the public/common premises is included when the campus card is issued, and Campus Management determines the criteria for access to the public/common premises external doors.

NOTE: All doors to corridors and stairwells are usually fire-resistant doors with magnetic locks, and these may not be held open with wedges or other obstacles. It is extremely important that they can be closed in case of a fire. Doors with magnetic locks are always to be closed with a door closing button.

Keys & Access Cards

At Polacksbacken’s card & key service, you sign for and collect your assigned keys and return them when required. The service administers and prepares campus cards for delivery to employees, students and others involved in the campus. The following instructions supplement the University’s information about campus card and user accounts.

Like your key, the campus card is personal and programmed so you can enter the premises you need access to. Those who unlock and open a door with their campus card or key are responsible for whoever passes through the door. It is not allowed and irresponsible to admit people you do not know, whether or not they are authorised. When exiting through a locked door with a card reader, use the key button at the side of the door.

NOTE: All cards that are lost need to be deactivated so that the owner can be sure that they are not being misused in any way.


New employees and students need to activate their user accounts before they can obtain a campus card. We encourage you to submit your own photograph, but if you do not have the opportunity or your photograph is not approved, the key & access card service can help you with photography.

  • Employees usually receive a one-time code from the HR administrator of their employer/department/unit in connection with the hiring process.
  • Students usually receive their one-time code through Student Services at Ångström.
  • Employees and students can also obtain a one-time code through the key & access card service or the reception in Ångström Laboratory.
  • Suspend your lost card here.
  • Get a new campus card at key & card services.
  • Found campus cards are returned to the key & card services or placed in a letterbox.
Last modified: 2022-06-03