Campus Management handles a wide variety of matters and offers many different kinds of services to all who work or study at Ångström Laboratory premises.

Services at Ångström Laboratory

Services at Campus Ångström Laboratory are provided by a number of independent units with their own staff and varying areas of responsibilities.

The janitor's office and the reception are part of Campus Management, and provide services in many areas and works to ensure that all visitors, students and employees are well taken care of on campus. Campus Management also takes care of mail deliveries and goods reception, as well as keys- and access cards. Akademiska Hus is responsible for property operations (heating, cooling, electricity, wastewater, etc.); Campus Management knows the details and can help with error reporting.

The Student Services counter is available to all students at Campus Ångström Laboratory. Turn here for answers to general questions about your academic studies, register extracts, help with numbers for degree projects and referrals to the right person. You can also obtain preliminary exams from courses at Ångström Laboratory.

Ångström Library, a special library within Uppsala University Library, contains reference material on astronomy, physics, information technology, mathematics, chemistry and technology. The Ångström library is also home to Ångström Makerspace.

Since October 2019, University IT Services are installed to managed all IT-Support for employees at Uppsala University. University IT Service also provide IT-support for students with services such as student accounts, e-mail, networks, printouts and other IT services.

The Cryo Centre produces and distributes liquid helium and liquid nitrogen for research. It also provides test cryostats for experiments at the Facility for Research Instrumentation and Accelerator Development (FREIA) Laboratory.

The Microstructure Laboratory offers distributed national research infrastructure for clean room-based research and development in micro-technology, nanoscience and materials research.

Ångström Workshop develops instruments and works with prototype production at both Uppsala University and other universities, and for national and international infrastructures.

Last modified: 2023-01-30