Ångström Laboratory AV support

Ångström Laboratory AV support gives information, guidance and help with everything regarding audio visual equipment. 

You find the AV technicians in Buildning 1 on Floor 1 (room number 11211)
Opening hours:
weekdays 08:00-16:00. Irregular opening hours occur during holidays.
Staff: Johan Waltari and Nazariy Souchelnytskyi
Telephone: 072 999 94 11
E-mail: av-support-angstrom@uu.se


Information, guidance and help with everything regarding audio video, for example TV screens, hearing loops, mobile e-meeting equipment and amplifiers.

Book AV equipment

The majority of the AV equipment is booked through TimeEdit and can then be picked up at the AV room. Mobile hearing loop equipment and different adapters can be borrowed directly from the reception. 

Contact us for special AV equipment such as extra microphones, catchboxes, special adapters, video scalers etc.

Last modified: 2023-02-01