Information & Communication at Polacksbacken Campus

Information for employees, students and visitors in the public areas of Campus Polacksbacken is part of Campus Management’s responsibilities. In addition to services such as notice boards, digital information screens and providing poster screens, Polacksbacken campus houses equipment such as copiers, projectors and video conferencing solutions. Use the links below to find complete information about the services:


Campus Management handles the public notice boards at Polacksbacken. All notices are removed from the boards on the last working day of the month. Staplers may not be used, please use thumbtacks.

All departments are responsible for their own notice boards within their own premises. The Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students (UTN) and its subdivisions are responsible for the notice boards allocated to them.

Please respect the rules and instructions for each notice board. See also Uppsala University’s rules and guidelines for posting notices (in Swedish only).

Poster screens for temporary exhibits

Exhibition areas in Building 1 (floor 0) as well as posters for temporary exhibitions are booked through the reception.

Library services

Polacksbacken Campus houses the Ångström Library, one of many subject libraries at Uppsala University. The library provides service to students and staff at Uppsala University, but the public can also access large parts of the library’s collections and services. The library is also home to Ångström Visualisation Lab and Ångström Makerspace.

New hours from the spring semester: Ångström Library is staffed from 10:00 to 17:00 on business days. At other times the library is open to anyone with an access card.


The digital information screens at Polacksbacken provide information where the University is the sender and students, employees and visitors are the target audience. Campus Management administers the public information screens on Campus Polacksbacken. In addition, there are information screens associated with certain divisions, departments and other defined areas.

Public information screens at Polacksbacken Campus

Campus Management has placed digital information screens at the main entrances to Ångström Laboratory. In addition to these, there are public information screens on the second floors of Buildings 1, 2 and 4 at the Information Technology Centre (ITC).

Advertising on the information screens: Contact Peter Waites or Mikael Österberg if you want to advertise on the public information screens, no later than one week before the event, for planning and if you require any assistance with the production of information materials. Other information screens are administered by the division or department where they are placed.


To copy, print or scan documents on the public printers at Polacksbacken, you need an access card, which you then link to eduPrint, Uppsala University’s common print and copying system for students and employees. You can find additional information about how this works through the links below.

If you experience problems with eduPrint, contact

Binding and Lamination

Binding of reports, degree projects and the like is offered by the reception. The binding is done with adhesive binders that have a transparent front page. Flyleaves for degree projects are provided.

  • Binding of degree projects takes place in collaboration with Student Services.
  • For binding or laminating of other material, contact the reception.

Currently, binding costs SEK 20 per page. Laminating costs SEK 15 per page. (maximum size, A3).

Uppsala University’s Graphic Services

Uppsala University’s Graphic Services assists departments and units with printed matter, from original idea to finished product. You can turn to Graphic Services for assignments of all sizes, from design, advice, pricing and cost enquiries to printing contacts. See information about the staff under Graphic Services in the Employee Portal.


Uppsala University’s teleservice is part of University IT Services, which is responsible for the administrative element of telephony services. The division offers employees help with fixed and mobile service telephony. Additional information about telephony is available in the Employee Portal.

Phone numbers of employees and specific units on Campus Polacksbacken can be found at

Mobile Phones

Since Ångstrom Laboratory has been shielded from electromagnetic radiation, it can be difficult to use mobile phones indoors at the premises. Reception varies widely among the different mobile service providers.

Internal Phones

An internal phone connected to the University’s switchboard is available at the reception during business hours.

Conference Phones

Conference phones have been installed at a number of locations on Campus Polacksbacken. The phones work differently so it is a good idea to determine if the equipment meets your needs before your meeting. If there is a problem, contact the Janitor's Office.

  • Information Technology Centre: Rooms 4306 and 4308 share a conference phone.
  • Ångström Laboratory: Conference phones are located in the Beurling Room (10238), the Middle Room (10234) and in Rosetta (10239). Equipment can also be borrowed at the reception.


In collaboration with the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Uppsala University has installed a number of video conferencing facilities at various campus areas. The aim is to provide wide access to video conferencing for our departments, both for teaching and for research and administration. The facilities may be used by all employees and cost nothing to use beyond any rent for premises.

1. Before your video conference meeting

At Polacksbacken there are a number of mobile video conferencing units. Two are located in the technology storeroom 10202 at Ångström Laboratory and one is located in the meeting room 2414b at ITC.

At Ångström Laboratory, there are two types of mobile video conferencing systems. One carriage consist of a screen, a microphone, and a camera, and is used independently from your computer to connect to a video conference call (the meeting is set up via the instructions below).

One carriage is equipped with an e-meeting system that provides a camera, speakers and a microphone, but which requires computer to connect to a meeting (through software such as Zoom).

2. Book your video conference meeting

Connection support is available by writing ITC staff can create a case report in Bugzilla to obtain help. Be sure to contact support well in advance of your booked meeting.

3. After your video conference meeting

The equipment must be returned to the room where it is stored the same day and connected after use (note: connect both power and network cables). The video conferencing equipment must be booked for the entire time the equipment is not in its room.


Departments on Campus Polacksbacken can display and market their activities and results in various forms in the public parts of the buildings. The Art and Presentation Group considers and assesses individual requests from the departments.

Information in the public areas is primarily communicated through already established channels, such as notice boards, digital information screens or what are known as pavement signs/stands. Posting various pieces of paper/information in non-designated places is not allowed. Campus Management provides the necessary equipment, pavement signs/stands, etc. Suggestions from units/departments on new/alternative methods/systems are handled by the Art and Presentation Group.

Requests for exhibitions/presentations/marketing in public areas are assessed by the Art and Presentation Group. Such consent is to be in writing and for a limited time. If a permanent installation is required (such as for electricity for lighting) or an installation that may cause damage to the property, permission from the property owner needs to be obtained first. This is done through Campus Management. Uncertainties regarding costs associated with the above are resolved in consultation with Campus Management.

When you want to put up a notice, exhibit something or make a presentation in the common premises:

  • turn to the reception if it is for a short time, such as a few hours or a day, they will help you book a space for your exhibitions and provides poster screens.
  • contact the Art and Presentation Group if it will be for a longer period.


IT and computer support at Uppsala University is handled by University IT Service. At Polacksbacken, IT suppot is still available at departmental levels. Contacts per department are listed here.

A number of student computer rooms are available at both the Information Technology Centre and Ångström Laboratory for both teaching and general use.

For guests, Campus Management’s contact, Mikael Österberg, provides computer support and guest accounts.

Employees can administer passwords and other information by logging into their user account here. Problems with centrally administered IT systems are handled by University IT Service.

Last modified: 2022-03-01