Janitor's Office at Ångström Laboratory

The Janitor's Office maintains common functions such as handling of mail and goods, furniture and other interior furnishings, lighting, AV equipment in common rooms, conference services, signs, digital information screens and other informational material.

Reporting errors on Campus Ångström Laboratory: Everyone needs to assume responsibility and report errors that are discovered. The report should be sent directly to the proper unit. The error reporting guide can help you find which unit is responsible for the problem area. If you still do not know which unit is responsible, Campus Management can always help you take the first step.

Displaying flags: At local festivals such as public defences of doctoral theses, the Janitor's Office handles the flag displays. The display of flags during public holidays is managed by security companies. Guidelines for flag displays at Uppsala University (in Swedish only).

Contact the Janitor's Office

Hours: Weekdays 07:00–16:00 (lunch: 11:30–12:30)
Hours may change for holidays, see up to date opening hours here.
Supervisor: Nazariy Souchelnyskyi
E-mail: vaktmasteri-angstrom@uu.se
Mobile: 070-425 06 62

Last modified: 2023-05-10