Mail & goods handling at Ångström Laboratory

Find mailing adresses
Uppsala universitet
[name of department/unit]
Att: NN
Box XX
75X XX Uppsala

NN = Depending on the person
XX = Depending on department/unit

Find delivery adresses for goods
Uppsala universitet
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Regementsvägen 1
752 37 Uppsala

The Janitor's Office is responsible for post- and goods handling at the goods reception on Polacksbacken Campus. This includes regular- and internal mail, the handling of arriving- and departing goods, as well as assitance with and some handling of dangerous goods. The goods reception is located on the first basement level (K1) between buildings 5 and 7 at Ångström Laboratory.

Contact goods reception
Phone:  018-471 5899
Opening hours:  Monday–Friday 08:00–11:30 & 12:30–15:00.

Hours may change for holidays,
see up to date opening hours here.

Mail handling

Uppsala University distinguishes between regular mail and internal mail. At Ångström Laboratory we also divide internal mail into UU internal mail and ÅNG internal mail.

Regular mail

Mail sent outside Uppsala University, which PostNord manages. This includes envelopes with barcode or stamps.

UU internal mail

Internal mail addressed to recipients on a campus other than the Ångström Laboratory. This mail is picked up every weekday and is usually delivered to the receiving campus the following day. Distribution to the receiving department/unit usually takes place on day 3 or 4. Holidays may delay delivery. Address as follows:

  • Receiving campus area
  • Department/unit (according to; avoid abbreviations)
  • Name of recipient

ÅNG internal mail

Internal mail to recipients in the Ångströmlaboratoriet will be delivered to the receiving department/unit the following weekday. Address as follows:

  • ÅNG (for the Ångström Laboratory)
  • Department/unit (according to; avoid abbreviations)
  • Name of recipient

Mail pickup and delivery times

9 am PostNord delivers incoming regular mail. Internal mail that was picked up the previous day is divided in UU internal mail and ÅNG internal mail. The Mail is sorted according to delivery points in the Ångström Laboratory and the post rounds are prepared.

9:30-10 am Campus Management delivers regular mail and ÅNG internal mail the departments and collects outgoing mail.

11 am The Division for central service and administration picks up outgoing UU internal mail and delivers internal mail from the rest of UU to the Ångström Laboratory.

3 pm Campus Management gathers mail from the postboxes at the reception and in the corridor outside house 9.

3:30 pm PostNord collects regular outgoing mail from the boxes by the Goods reception desk.

Goods Reception

Goods Reception in Ångström Laboratory is available only to Uppsala University’s organisations within the Ångström Laboratory Campus Management area and external units that have signed cooperation agreements with Uppsala University, including the property owner. The reception of goods and services available there may not under any circumstances be used by employees for their private needs or by students.

The Janitor's Office is responsible for handling mail and goods at Goods Reception in Ångström Laboratory. Equipment for goods reception and other services that Campus Management has at its disposal are:

  • Paper shredder
  • A table for preparing parcels
  • Pallet lift
  • Hand truck
  • Scissor lift (up to 6 m in height)
  • Forklift

Ariving goods

Incoming parcels are received and registered at Goods Reception. A message is sent from Goods Reception via e-mail to the addressee. If no one can be identified as the addressee, the message is sent to the administrator at the relevant department/unit.

  • To pick up the package, you need a barcode. Bring along a printout or digital device to Goods Reception.
  • Goods are to be picked up as soon as possible. If that is not possible, call Goods Reception at 018-471 5899.

Import of goods: When importing, Campus Management has a customer number at DHL that can be used by internal organisations. The customer number is linked to the address of Goods Reception: Uppsala University, Campus Management Ångström Laboratory, Lägerhyddsvägen 1, 752 37 Uppsala, Sweden. The cost of the service is invoiced to Campus Management but transferred to the unit placing the order. For this reason you should be sure to state the name of the purchaser/recipient.

Departing goods

Goods, mail parcels and express/courier shipments are sent with PostNord in accordance with the government agreement for parcel forwarding services.

  1. The goods are to be packaged well. The sender is responsible for all transport damages caused by inadequate packaging. Campus Management has a packing table to assist you.
  2. The sender is to provide all the information and documents required. The requirements depend on where the package is to be sent and what it contains.
  3. Campus Management can help with shipping documents for departments/divisions that have agreements with PostNord.
  4. PostNord invoices the division/unit/department.
  5. Talk to Campus Management about the appropriate type of transportation. Faster transportation costs more.
  6. PostNord picks up parcels daily
  7. You need to make reservations for pallets that are to be sent no later than 14:00 on the same day.

Do you want to transport goods into or out of Sweden? Swedish Customs’ website contains information on how to do this. To import or export goods from or to the European Union’s customs territory, the commodity code of the goods is to be entered according to the designation used in the EU.

Dangerous goods

Dangerous goods is a collective term for substances and objects that have such dangerous properties that they can cause damage to people, the environment and property if they are not handled properly during transport. The law on transporting dangerous goods defines what the collective term “dangerous goods” includes.

All shipments need to include:

  • A completed red form – “Shipper’s declaration for dangerous goods”. You can obtain the form from Goods Reception.
  • MSDS – “Material Safety Data Sheet”. You can obtain a copy from KLARA, the chemical handling system.
  • An appropriate warning label on the packaging is to be selected and filled out. Goods Reception has labels.

Dangerous chemical waste is disposed of through agreements with Rang-Sells, which packages, collects and takes care of the waste.

If you do not know the regulations, you can contact the University’s safety adviser, who provides advice on labelling and packaging, etc. See information on transport of dangerous goods in the Employee Portal.

Last modified: 2023-02-23