Ångström Laboratory Reception

The reception at Ångström Laboratory provides information and services for visitors, students and staff.

Opening Hours: Weekdays 08:00–16:00
Hours may change for holidays, see up to date opening hours here.
Receptionist: Malin Norrman
Phone: 018-471 31 03
E-mail: reception-angstrom@uu.se


  • Information and referrals
  • Sales of writing pads and the University’s profile products and gift items
  • Lamination of sign and other paper products
  • Binding of degree projects and other paper products
  • Provides students with certificates of enrolment
  • Use of internal phones
  • Loan of conference phones
  • Access card updating


The reception can handle certain types of bookings of premises or equipment. Other bookings of premises and equipment take place via TimeEdit; see more information on our bookings page.

  • Exhibition areas in Building 1 (floor 0) and poster screens for exhibitions are booked at the reception.
  • Teaching rooms and lecture halls can be booked here only if project numbers can be reported. The current booking status for these premises can be found in TimeEdit.

Renting Premises

You can rent classroom premises for conferences and meetings if the premises are vacant, but educational usages always have priority to premises. Read more about renting premises here.

Lost and Found

If you have lost something, you can turn to the reception in Ångström Laboratory to see if it has been found. Ask again in a few days if you have not recovered what you lost; it may take several days from when somehing is found before it is turned in to the reception. At regular intervals all found items are turned over to the police.

Last modified: 2022-11-28