Recycling at Ångström Laboratory

The environmental work at Uppsala University affects all employees and all students. Therefore, it is very important how you as an individual should recycle. At Polacksbacken (Ångström Laboratory and Information Technology Center), the responsibilities for sorting and recycling is divided between Campus Management, the departments, the cleaning services, and employees working on campus.

The overall compilation below shows where certain fractions are sorted.

Find more information about how the general environmental work at the university works in Medarbetarportalen.

Recycling at the Information Technology Center

Light bulbs
Low energy lamps

Box by the mailboxes in house 1 floor 4 or house 2 room 2224.


Source sorting furniture / similar in corridor or lunch room. Trash cans.

Large garbage
Glass packaging in large quantities
Fluorescent lights

Broken fluorescent lamps: read instructions here.

Garbage room 1114/2157, sort into the correct bin.

Glass packaging in small quantities
Metal, paper, plastic and recyclable cans/glass packaging

Source sorting furniture / similar in the corridor or lunch room.

Bulky garbage such as furniture etc. cannot not be left in the garbage rooms.

Contact the janitor's office for assitance.

Cartons / corrugated cardboard 

House 1: Containers on floors 3 and 4 (southern part) and garbage room 1114

House 2: Containers on floors 2 and 4 and garbage room 2157

Recyclable paper Blue / green recycled paper bin in corridor.

Recycling at Ångström Laboratory

Combustible waste

Glass packaging (not ceramics/porcelain/household glass)

Whole or broken household glass is sorted in its own container together with ceramics and porcelain.

Metal packaging
paper packaging
Plastic packaging
Recyclable bottles/cans


Sorting furniture or similar solution in the corridors, the lunch rooms, offices or in the garbage room.
Light sources such as light bulbs and fluorescent lamps Large yellow boxes in the garbage room.

Car batteries

Electronics: Computers
Electronics: Other

Glass packaging - uncolored
Glass packaging - colored

Household glass, ceramics, porcelain and stoneware

Metals, sorted:

  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Stainless steel

Toner Cartridges / Ink cartridges
Toner bottles and the like.

Cardboard, cardboard boxes etc.

Sorted in the correct bin in the garbage room.
Wood waste, wood furnishings Place on the ground north of the outdoor compactor.
Scrap metal Place outdoors in the green container next to house 5.

Recyclable paper (not envelopes, post-it, plastic folders, binders, hardcover books, paper packaging, cartons etc).

THere should be a paper recycle bin in each printer room and office (provided by cmapus management).

Everyone is responsible for emptying their own paper recycle bin in the large green recycled paper barrels in the garbage room. For organized paper recycling, departments can order a larger paper recycling barrel to the offices where everyone can emty their paper bins. Contact the janitor's office for more information.

If you put anything other than clean recyclable paper in the barrel, the janitor's will not accept the barrel.

Last modified: 2023-01-30