Rooms and Equipment at the Ångström Laboratory

Campus Ångström Laboratory offers high-quality facilities for teaching, lectures and meetings. Most premises and equipment in the area are booked in TimeEdit, either by the user or through the departments’ schedulers. Students can book rooms for group work at

► Reference list of all bookable premises at the Ångström Laboratory.

Need to rent a room?

You can rent classrooms for conferences and meetings if the premises are vacant, but educational use always has priority. Find information about renting rooms here.

Read more about the premises at the Ångström Laboratory and the equipment Campus Management provides via the links below.



Serenity Room, Resting rooms and changing stations

Serenity room

Ångström Laboratory has a room for reflection, prayer and meditation, room 1K1667 (to the far south on the first basement level). The room is open during the day from 07:00 to 17:00 and cannot be reserved.

Resting rooms

A place for temporary rest when needed, such as nausea or headaches.
Use of rest rooms is at your own risk, anyone who wishes some form of supervision may agree this with a suitable person willing to undertake the assignment.

When using any emergency button, it may take 30 minutes before the response / help arrives. The emergency button is connected to Uppsala University's security contractor.

  • In addition to cleaning of the premises as needed, Campus Management checks the resting room and its contents once a week. If you find a problem or an issue in a resting room, please report this to Campus Management.





Emergency call button:

Angstrom 1K108

Staff: Campus card
Students: The reception in the Ångström Laboratory has temporary cards.




Angstrom 1K116

Staff: Campus card
Students: The reception in the Ångström Laboratory has temporary cards.




Angstrom 1K1231

Staff: Campus card
Students: The reception in Ångström Laboratory has temporary cards.




Changing stations

Restrooms with changing stations can be found at Ångström Laboratory in the 1025 WC for the disabled (Building 1, floor 0, between Buildings 4 and 5) and in the 12735 WC for the disabled (Building 1, floor 2, outside Building 8).

Computer Rooms

At the Ångström Laboratory there are student computer rooms for both teaching and general use. Scheduled instruction always has priority and other users should choose a different computer room if instruction is ongoing in a room. If all rooms are full, you may ask a teacher for permission to sit in the room where instruction is in progress.

Computer rooms at Ångström Laboratory

The following computer rooms are available at Ångström Laboratory. If you discover problems in the computer rooms at Ångström, please contact

Room Number of computers
4102 20
4103 16
4104 16
6K1101 31
6K1107 33


The computer rooms are open night and day for authorised users. To log in to a computer, you need a student account. Log in with your username and Password A.

To enter computer rooms, you need an access card. Degree programme students in the Civil and Bachelor of Science in Engineering programmes, the technical foundation year and the Bachelor’s programmes in physics and mathematics automatically gain access to the computer rooms with their access cards. Normally students enrolled in freestanding courses at Ångström Laboratory also have access to the computer rooms. If you do not have an access card, contact keys & access card services.

Group Rooms and Study Spots

Group rooms for students are to be in use within 15 minutes. Vacant rooms may be used by another group 15 minutes after the start of the booking period. Booking periods begin every full hour. Students’ group rooms are booked online.

Group rooms at Ångström Laboratory are located on floor 0 in Buildings 1, 2, 4 and 8. In addition to these rooms, you will find many areas with study places in the public areas of Building 1.

The Uthgård student union building for the Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students (UTN) has study places and other areas and services. Read more about UTN and Uthgård here.

Student Kitchenettes and Lockers

Student kitchenette

Common rooms and student spaces with access to microwave ovens are located in Building 1 on floor K1 (basement level) under Hägg Hall (Häggsalen).


Showers are located in Buiilding 1 on floor K1.

Student lockers

The Ångström Laboratory has lockers for students located on floor K1 in the middle of the buildning. They can use lockers from the start of the semester (September) to the end of the semester (June). Students provide their own padlocks. Empty the locker and remove the padlock, by the 20th of June. Locks on lockers after this date will be removed.

Please leave a note with your name, e-mail and phone number inside the locker. Any forgotten items are left at the reception in Ångström Laboratory.

Restaurants at Campus Ångström Laboratory

Special rules regarding studing at Café Ångström and Rullan: The tables in Café Ångström (House 1, floor 0) and Rullan (House 10, floor 0) are reserved for paying lunch guests weekdays between 11:00 and 13:00.

The Food Council meets once per semester with our restaurant owners to improve the range of food offered in the campus area. The council includes the area’s restaurant managers, representatives from the departments and the Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students’ café manager.

Duschar, studentskåp och skötrum


Vid Ångströmlaboratoriet finns flera rum med möjlighet att duscha och byta om.


I källarplanet finns skåp för studenter att låna från terminsstart i september till terminslut i juni. Lås skåpet med ett eget hänglås. Skåpet ska tömmas och hänglåset tas bort senast den 20:e juni. Skåp som är låsta efter detta datum kommer att brytas upp.

Lämna gärna en lapp med namn, e-postadress och telefonnummer i skåpet. Eventuellt kvarglömda saker lämnas till receptionen.


Toalett utrustad med skötbord finns i rum 1025, länk till mazemap, och i rum 12735, länk till mazemap.



Meeting rooms for staff are booked in TimeEdit. Maps for each room can be found using the links below. Some information about the rooms is also available in the TimeEdit booking system.

Meeting rooms at Ångström Laboratory

Room Seats Miscellaneous
Ång 10234 13 + 7 The Middle Room: Projector, loudspeakers, whiteboard.

Conference phone: 018 471 5881
Ång 10238 23 + 8 Beurling Room: Projector, loudspeakers, whiteboard.

Conference phone: 018 471 5896
Ång 10239 13 + 5 Rosetta Room: Projector, loudspeakers, whiteboard.
Ång 12630 8 Projector, loudspeakers, whiteboard.
Ång 13167 18 +16 Southern Faculty Room: Interactive digital whiteboard and conference screen. 
Ång 2371 14 Projector, loudspeakers, whiteboard.
Ång 3419 11 + 13 Projector, loudspeakers, whiteboard.
Ång 62416 *
Ång 63416 * 12 Celsius Room (NOTE: the room is locked; see information in TimeEdit).
Ång 73101 * 20 Hiorter’s Room (NOTE: the room is locked; see information in TimeEdit)
Ång 73121 * 20 The Oseenska Room
Ång 82114 * 12
Ång 84117 10

* These rooms belong to the Department of Physics and Astronomy. Can be booked by other departments when needed.

Last modified: 2022-08-03