Student information

Guidance for students at Ångström Laboratory

Studying at Ångström Laboratory

As a student you are welcome to use many of the rooms at Ångström Laboratory.

Lost and found

If you have lost something, you can turn to the reception at Ångström Laboratory to see if it has been found. Ask again in a few days if you have not recovered what you lost; it may take several days before it is found and turned in to the reception. At regular intervals all found items are turned over to the police.

Find your way at Ångström Laboratory

The Uppsala University map service,, helps you find the premises you are looking for throughout the University. You can search for any premises and see directions to it (even if you are not at Ångström Laboratory).

Room numbers at Ångström Laboratory

The first position in the room number indicates the building number, the second indicates the floor and the last numbers are serial numbers. The basement floors are K1 and K2.

  • House 1 has four or five digits, 10xxx is a room in house 1 on floor 0 
  • House 2-5 has four digits, 21xx is a room in house 2 on floor 1 
  • House 6-9 has five digits, 73xxx is a room in house 7 on floor 3 
  • House 10 has six digits, 101xxx is a room in house 10 on floor 1 

Keys and access cards service at Ångström Laboratory administers and maufactures campus cards for all employees, students and others who need to access to the campus area.

Read more about the Campus Card here.

Last modified: 2023-02-13