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Guidance for students at the Ångström Laboratory

Studying at Polacksbacken

As a student at  Polacksbacken Campus, you have access to a number of services and study areas. Find out more about what is available to students on campus using the following links.

Information for new students

Student areas on campus

Serenity rooms, resting rooms & changing rooms: Information about rooms for resting, personal medical needs, prayer or reflection.

Computer rooms: Polacksbacken Campus has student computer rooms for both teaching and general use. Scheduled instruction always has priority and other users should choose a different computer room if instruction is ongoing in a room. If all rooms are full, you may ask a teacher for permission to sit in the room where instruction is in progress.

Group rooms & study places: Group rooms for students are to be in use within 15 minutes. Vacant rooms may be used by another group 15 minutes after the start of the booked period. Booked periods begin every full hour. Students’ group rooms are booked online. Uthgård, the UTN student union building, has study places and other areas and services for students. Read more about Uthgård here.

Lunchrooms, common rooms & student lockers: Lunchrooms, common rooms and student lockers are available at both ITC and Ångström. Students are welcome, of course, to use all other public spaces for study, provided that other activities are not disrupted.

  • Lunchrooms with microwave ovens where you can heat your food are available at Uthgård, at ITC (in the basement in Buildings 1 and 2) and at Ångström (in the basement in Building 1beneath Hägg Hall)
  • Both the ITC area (Building 1, floor 0) and Ångström (basement in Building 1) have showers for students.
  • Storage cabinets for students are also available at ITC (floor 0 in Buildings 1 and 2) and Ångström Laboratory (basement in Building 1, beneath the reception).

Lost and Found

If you have lost something, you can turn to the reception at Ångström Laboratory to see if it has been found. Ask again in a few days if you have not recovered what you lost; it may take several days before it is found and turned in to the reception. At regular intervals all found items are turned over to the police.


The Uppsala University map service,, helps you find the premises you are looking for throughout the University. You can search for any premises and see directions to it (even if you are not a the Polacksbacken Campus area).

Room numbers at Information Technology Centre (ITC)

  • The first number indicates the building number: 1xxx–20xxx
  • The second number indicates the floor: x0xx–x5xx (0 = basement)
  • The last two numbers are serial numbers: xx01–xx99

Room numbers at the Ångström Laboratory

  • The first number indicates the building number: 1xxx–10xxxxx
  • The second number indicates the floor: x1xx–x4xxxx
    (K1 = Upper basement: xK1xxx, K2 = Lower basement: xK2xxx)
  • The last numbers are serial numbers: xx01– xxx999

Polacksbacken’s keys and access cards service administers and maufactures campus cards for al employees, students and others who need to access to the campus area.

Read more about the Campus Card here.

Last modified: 2022-10-17