Student information from departments and other units

Information from Uppsala University

All information about studying at Uppsala University is available at the student portal.

Information from Campus Management

Every new student at Campus Ångström Laboratory is welcome, but please keep in mind that you are not alone at the university and on campus. Take notice of the rules and regulations that apply at Ångström Laboratory.

Information from the Faculty of Science and Technology

A big part of the education in science and technology at Uppsala University is held at Ångström Laboratory. Read more about courses and programmes in science and technology at the faculty's page about education. A lot of the information that you need as a student at the faculty of Science and Technology can be found in their pages at the student portal.

Information from the Departments at Ångström Laboratory

Below are links to student information from the departments at Ångström Laboratory. Please contact the department if there is anything wrong or missing at these pages.

Information from UTN

Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students is a student union organization that works to maintain student- and educational interests but also addresses questions about your future work life and even social events. At the Union Council (FUM) all students are represented by their sections of UTN.

Last modified: 2023-01-31